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Investment Process

Fundamental Macro Factors

Our Investment Process is a discipline which employs a "top down/funnel approach," first analyzing fundamental macro factors then assessing their impact on economies, financial markets and the investment climate.

Strategic Macro Overview

Investment Process

Our Strategic Macro Overview is the fundamental framework within which we apply our financial, technical and investment analysis.

Technical Financial Market Forces

We analyze historical trends, charts and data in order to arrive at a synopsis of market conditions and attractive sectors.

Fundamental Investment Research

For small and mid-cap companies we do our own due diligence. With mega-cap companies we supplement our internal research with external "street" research.

Character of management is critical. We analyze their commitment, integrity, level of competence, experience and comprehension in running a public company.

We emphasize total rate of return as the means to preserve and increase client wealth.

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction

This is the end result of our funnel approach. We are seeking the optimum balance between risk and return for the client.