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Fiduciary Responsibility

Taylor Investment Counselors Trust and Responsibility

Trust is the requirement and responsibility of any fiduciary. We define a fiduciary in its narrowest of terms: anyone who accepts money in safekeeping or as an investment by the provider. That fiduciary may be: any chief executive officer of an operating company which has shareholders; any banker; any investment professional; or, of course, anyone the giver trusts in any financial role.

NBW Capital is first and foremost a fiduciary, thinking and behaving with integrity in all that we do for our clients.

Many years ago we participated in a large survey conducted by a significant international executive recruiting firm in which we were asked to rank the most important ingredients in any employee. Our most important ingredient was and remains integrity - in all its forms: personal and professional, creative and intellectual.

As a fiduciary, we provide each client with both competitive performance and attentive and individualized service founded on the bedrock of integrity and trust. In this manner we expect you will sense the importance that we place in you and the responsibilities you expect in us.